Author: Paula

Today’s Keto meal prep in Sunshine Coast

Happy Home Chef is in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. ?‍?Today’s personal chef KETO cook off was in one of my favourite places #moffat beach in sunshine coast?. I love hearing my clients reasonings and stories for why they follow different lifestyles and diets. ?Today’s busy family of 6 follow the keto diet as ‘Dad’ said he beat […]

Tiramisu ice cream bites recipe

Not only is this a KETO/LCHF friendly dessert but it can also be made VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE! They are FAST, EASY and DELICIOUS!  Happy home chef cooking Keto desserts in her client’s homeShopping list: For the base 1 1/2 cups full-fat mascarpone cheese or CREAMED COCONUT MILK 1/4 cup sweetener of your choice […]

Vegetarian Meal Prep Brisbane

Today I cooked 50 vegetarian ready made meals. The meals were Dairy free too! This cook off took me 4 hours and the smells were amazing! Being a personal Chef in Brisbane is the best! 50 Meals package is $400 and does not include ingredients. ✅sweet chilli Tofu ✅Mushroom stroganoff ✅Paula’s famous scouse ✅Walnut and […]

Winter cooking

Today’s colourful, fun personal chef meal prep in Brisbane #lecreuset cook off! ?This busy #organic food loving lady has an amazing collection of my favourite crock pots and wanted no plastic containers to store and no PEAS?‍?. I love cooking yummy winter food with lots of flavour!   ✅Scouse ✅Shepard’s pie ✅Osso Bucco Lots of winter […]

Today’s personal chef meal prep booking in Brisbane

Today’s personal chef meal prep cook off was for a busy, busy mum of three beautiful lively children in Hendra, Brisbane. The kids are like all kids so I hid lots of veggies in the sausage rolls which mum will cook later! Fingers crossed they don’t find out! One of the kids kept coming in […]

Today’s Meal Prep

Today’s personal chef meal prep was in Red, Hill Brisbane. Today’s cook off was the $400 package which made 50 meals. My busy mum in Brisbane chose some yummy winter warmers: ✅Lamb shanks mash and peas ✅Thai green chicken curry ✅Salmon nourish bowls ✅creamy chicken and mushroom If you would like your own personal chef […]

Personal Chef in Brisbane

Being a personal chef in Brisbane is so much fun! Especially when I get to cook food like this !  This cook off was for a wee Irish woman called Siobhaun- owner ofHypoxi Bulimba and Newstead! It was a beautiful rainbow of colourful food.  Running 2 business these busy busy parents want the family to […]

Shepard’s pie

  Shepard’s pie- serves 8-10   This is a great winter warmer. Tastes even better topped with cheese! You can make this low carb by using cauliflower mash from my previous recipe instead of potato. Make a big portion like this and it will freeze up to 3 months!       Ingredients 3kg potatoes […]