Cauliflower Mash recipe

This mash is great to serve with anything! It is soooo tasty and has a lot less carbs than potato mash!
I love this on top of a Shepard’s pie! Easier and faster than potato mash too, as no peeling is involved! Great for keto diet and LCHF diet. 

I cook this mash a lot when I do my Keto meal preps in Brisbane for my Personal chef clients. My keto customers love this mash!



1 cauliflower chopped
½ lemon
100 gm butter
250 gm grated cheese of your choice
salt and pepper

beef cheeks with cauli mash
Beef cheeks with cauliflower mash LCHF Ready made Meal preps in Brisbane




























Boil the cauliflower in a pan of salted water with half a lemon.
When soft, drain.
Mash with butter, salt and pepper and fold in cheese at the end.
Add some cooked crispy bacon pieces for an extra yummy boost!

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