Do you or your kids want to be vegetarian?

vegetarian pesto pasta

I had a busy mum call me the other day and ask me could I cook vegetarian meals for her and her 4 daughters.
Of course I can! I actually went vegetarian myself for about a year when I travelled India in 2012.
I love vegetables and love getting creative with them.
This mum was feeling guilty her kids were not eating enough vegetables so her and the kids decided they would just go vegetarian- apart from Miss.13.
The kids loved pasta, carbs and homely food so I based the menu around creamy pastas, stews and soups with lots of vegetables.
Mum’s budget was around $100 so I managed to buy over 6 kilos of vegetables and all the pantry staples needed for $90.
The oven would not work properly when I arrived which was a bit of a pain but 5 pans later heating up on the stove and a lot of improvising I was ready to go!
On the menu was vegetarian spaghetti with zucchini, onion, carrot, mushroom, peas, garlic, tomatoes, basil and capsicum. The smells were amazing and it tasted pretty good too!
Also on the menu was vegetarian cottage pie which I used lentils instead of meat and lots of yummy vegos in there too, Pumpkin feta salads,macaroni vegetable cheese bakes, lentil and vegetable soup, pea and feta frittata and some honey and oat slice.
I love making frittata. At the end of the week just get all your vegetables that you are not going to use out of the fridge, chop them up, add 12 eggs and some milk and bang it in a pan or in the oven and you have a yummy breakfast treat or lunch snack for the next few days!
5 hours later and I had over 60 meals prepared for this family with a container of cooked chicken breast for Miss 13 to add to the vegetarian meals.
Mum texted me late that night when she got back from work saying how much they all enjoyed and loved the food!
Making people happy is a nice feeling, especially when you are making people happy with food!
My favourite recipe site
has some great vegetarian recipes that are really easy and family friendly!

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