Want to make an amazing thai curry but don’t have the time or the money  to buy all the ingredients to make a paste ?

I made cauliflower rice with mine but you can just use pre cooked rice if you are feeling lazy!


Makes enough for 10 portions:

Cauliflower rice
1 cauliflower
1 bulb of garlic
100gm butter
1 tbs turmeric
salt n pepper to taste

*Blitz the cauliflower piece by piece including leaves and stem in food processor till medium crumbs-don’t blitz too long or it will be like mush. If you don’t have a food processor then just chop up small.
Place in a microwave safe bowl, with all other ingredients, cover with cling film and cook 4 mins. Uncover, stir and cook for another 4 mins. DONE!


Chicken thigh fillet diced 1kg
2 tbs ghee or oil of your choice
400gm (MAE PLOY GREEN CURRY PASTE IS KETO FRIENDLY ☺) Or use any paste of your choice.
2 tins coconut cream
1 tin coconut milk
1 bunch coriander WASHED THOROUGHLY ( chopped leaves and chopped stems separate)
2 green capsicum
Juice of 1 lime
(Add more greens if you wish!)

Add ghee or oil to pan on medium heat and fry curry paste till fragrant- about 4 mins stirring to avoid catching on pan.
Add chicken fillet, coriander stems and turn heat to high. Stir until all cooked. Once cooked add coconut cream, milk, salt and pepper to taste, juice of 1 lime and bring it to the boil.
Boil for 10 mins then turn to medium. Leave on medium heat till you get the correct taste and consistency. The longer you leave the thicker it gets as sauce reduces.
I left mine for around 45 mins.
If it tastes a bit spicy add some sweetener of our choice or more coconut cream if it tastes like it needs more spice add some fresh chilli or flakes.
Once desired consistency is reached turn off heat and add capsicum and stir thoroughly.
Add half the coriander leaves and stir through.
Portion out into 10 containers and garnish with coriander and some chopped cashews or peanuts to serve!

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