Gourmet deli delights on a tropical island

stradbroke island

Last weekend was mine and my partners anniversary so we decided to get away to get some peace and quiet and stay on Stradbroke island.

We visited our favourite deli in new farm. ‘New Farm Deli’ and asked the cheese guru behind the counter to select us some amazing cheeses and meats. Serrano jamon, truffle cheese, creamy blue cheese and a spicy salami went into the bag along with some caramelized pickles, mini peppers stuffed with cheese, crispy baked cheesy bread sticks and some haloumi. New farm deli has to be my favourite place for breakfast, brunch or lunch! The menu is extensive, everything is homemade, it’s family run and even though I visit there at least once a week I can still never decide on what to order as its all so delicious. The staff have always got smiles on their faces and it feels really homely.

The journey took only 25 mins by boat from Cleveland and cost only $20!

I was amazed how pretty the island was being only 25 mins from brisbane! The water was a million diffrent shades of blue and the sand was white. There were dolphins and turtles casually swimming past us whilst we sat and ate all our gourmet nibbles at sunset and we even spotted a wild koala.

Next morning whilst eating smoked salmon and haloumi with a glass of bubbles for breakfast we sat and watched a whale slowly glide past us. Every few minutes he let out a huge breath and splash of water into the air. I could not believe all the wildlife we had seen in only 2 days!!

I wished we had a week to explore Stradboroke Island and cant wait to explore more of that beautiful place.

If you want to visit Stradbroke island click this link to book a boat taxi

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