Honey soy Chicken lunch preps

Honey soy chicken and greens (add sweet potato or rice optional)


chicken and vegatables
chicken and vegatables


This makes 5 lunches for 1 person.

Freezable up to 3 months and fresh up to 4 days.


5 chicken breasts

Salt pepper

Olive oil

Garlic 2 bulbs

Chilli flakes-as much as you like.

Soy 4 tbs

Honey 5 tbs

Ginger 3 heaped spoons fresh grated or minced

Juice of 1 lemon

3 heads broccoli or 6 bunch broccolini

500gms green beans

(or use a bag of frozen greens)


Set oven to gas mark 6 or 180.


Rub chicken breasts in all the above except greens.

Place in a dish breasts apart in hot oven till cooked. Depending on size around 40-50 mins. My breast took 35 mins as they were 150gm breasts.


Once chicken is cooked set aside to cool. Just cut into breast to check its cooked. Do not over cook!


Steam veggies or place frozen veggies in lunch boxes. When chicken is cold slice and place on top of veggies.


Drizzle juice over chicken and WALA! Yummy lunches!


Add brown rice or sweet potato if you want some carbs! Easy!




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