Pic-Nic Ideas

I am always wondering what to take to the beach. Sandwiches never fill me up and I end up eating a loaf of bread bloating myself!

Food by the beach is always over priced and greasy fast food so I decided to pack some yummy ingredients to make buddah bowls.



Basically just throw in separate containers lots of things you like!

I did nuts, seeds, a couple of dips, salsa, spinach, brown rice, beans, quinoa, tuna and some crackers.

Once at the beach we all made nice little mix bowls and nibbled on fresh fruits!

Great fresh and tasty lunch snack!

Buy ready made rice and beans for a fast, easy lunch!

Other things to add, tomatoes, olives, avocado, whole-grains, mixed beans, cheese, grated carrot, corn…

The list is endless! Get creative!


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