Salmon, sweet mash, greens and sour cream and dill sauce.

Crispy skinned salmon, sweet mash and greens with a sour cream dill sauce


4 salmon fillets skin on (use chicken if you dont like salmon)
2 large sweet potatoes
2 heads broccoli
300gms green beans
1 lemon
50gm butter

1 bunch fresh dill

300ml sour cream
2 tbs whole grain mustard
2 tbs honey
½ bunch dill chopped
½ cup gherkins/pickles chopped
salt n pepper

Dry salmon with kitchen paper and make sure skin is dry.
Set aside on paper to dry skin.
Mix all sauce ingredients together and set aside in fridge.
Prepare green vegetables and peel and chop sweet potatoes into pieces.
Add sweet potato to pan of water and bring to the boil. Boil for around 45 mins until soft and mash with butter, salt and pepper. Use the rest of the hot water from potatoes to boil greens or steam or use frozen greens.
Half way through when potatoes are boiling sprinkle salmon skin with salt and place on a hot frying pan skin side down with no oil.
Cook skin side down for 5 mins with no touching, moving, fiddling. Flip gently after 5 mins.
Cook another 4 minutes or longer if you want. Salmon can be eaten pink and you wont get sick don’t worry.
Place mash on plate with greens, salmon, wedge of lemon and dollop of cold sauce!

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