Today’s Keto meal prep in Sunshine Coast

?‍?Today’s personal chef KETO cook off was in one of my favourite places #moffat beach in sunshine coast?.

I love hearing my clients reasonings and stories for why they follow different lifestyles and diets.

?Today’s busy family of 6 follow the keto diet as ‘Dad’ said he beat and cured a Tumour eating the ‘keto way’!!

?$400= 50 meals – ended up having left overs too!! (This is the service price and does not inc ingredient costs)

Cottage pie topped with cheesey cauliflower mash and bacon
Beef Thai green curry, greens and cauliflower rice
Beef stroganoff zoodle
Moroccan chicken cauliflower rice

DISCLAIMER: ?‍?Happy home chef IS a CHEF-NOT a doctor and is only updating you about my clients lifestyle choices and not giving medical advice or in any way suggesting that you eat KETO to cure medical/ health issues with this post!
Please consult your doctor/naturopath/ health consultant/nutritionist/professional for any diet related info! I just cook ?‍?

Keto meal prep

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