What is a Yorkshire pudding and how do I make them?

Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding! My favourite!

When people ask me what a Yorkshire pudding is I tell them, “It is like a savoury light, airy muffin that is served with a roast dinner and drenched in a rich meat gravy.”

I love Yorkshire puddings and we ate them every Sunday at home when I grew up with our roast dinner. My mum was not much of a cook so we used to eat Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings that came in a bag out of the freezer and tasted like toast! Frozen Yorkshire’s are no comparison to homemade, fresh, yummy golden delights!

Next time you make a roast dinner add these bad boys to your dinner and I trust you all  your guests will love you and you will never ever be able to eat a roast without a ‘yorkie’ ever again! You must cook them about 15 mins before you are ready to serve the dinner as your oven needs to be empty and hot! Normally when my meat is resting that is when I pop in the Yorkie’s to cook! By the time you have set up all your plates then the puddings will be ready to serve on top of the dinner!

Here is a link to the history of Yorkshire Puddings if you are interested: http://www.yorkshirepudd.co.uk/yorkshire-pudding-history/
 My winning Recipe that I use everytime:


1 muffin tray tin

Canola or vegetable oil

(3/4 cup) plain flour

Salt and Pepper pinch

2 eggs whisked 

300 ml milk (any milk- I use full fat)


Mix everything together in a bowl with a whisk till you have no lumps and then the pour batter into a jug or have a ladle to ladle the mix into the muffin tin.

Pour about 2 tbs of vegetable/canola oil into the muffin tin holes.

Put the muffin tin in the oven on gas mark 8 or 200. When oil and tray is hot after about 5 minutes remove from the oven CAREFULLY with oven gloves and  pour the mixture into the muffin tin. Fill the muffin tins around 3/4 full. BE CAREFUL THE OIL IS VERY HOT!!! Put back in the oven and do not open the door for 15-20 mins. If you have a window on the oven this is great! When you see that they have risen and gone a golden brown colour remove them. Serve immediately with the roast dinner. Best served with roast beef, roast potatoes, all the trimmings, gravy and horseradish sauce!

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