What shall I eat this week?

Meal prep for 1 Mon to Fri

?‍?People are always asking me what I eat at home and can I send them meal prep ideas for the week.
?This week me and my family are starting our year eating healthy and low carb dishes.

?This weeks MON-FRI breakfast and lunch menu will be:

?Breakfast: Bacon Fetta Pea frittata.

?Lunch: Stir fry Mexican beef, broccoli, capsicum and rainbow salsa.

?Snacks: natural yogurt with blueberries honey and almonds

?Peanut butter protein balls

Dinner is not pre prepared but we will eat fresh and clean meat or fish with salad or green veggies.

The below shopping list and method is based on Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks for 3 people.



mexican spiced beef
mexican spiced beef
Yogurt fruit and nuts
Yogurt fruit and nuts


peanut butter ball
peanut butter ball


4 rashers bacon

12 Eggs
1 pint Milk-your choice which milk
350gm Fetta
1 bag frozen peas
1kg minced beef/turkey or chicken
2 white/brown Onions
1 red Capsicum
4 Tomatoes
1 Red onion
1 bunch Coriander
4 Zucchini
1 bag frozen Broccoli OR 4 heads fresh.
1 bag frozen green beans or 1kg fresh.

2kg Natural yogurt
500gm nuts of your choice
1 bag frozen Blueberries or your choice frozen berries or fresh.
500gm Peanut butter
250gm chopped peanuts or any nuts for the balls.
1 jar honey
1 bottle of whatever oil you cook with. I use olive oil.
250gm fresh chopped garlic or minced.
Dried chilli flakes
Coriander ground
Cumin ground
Oregano dried
*If you want to add rice or potato to the meal add 500gm rice or 1kg of potatoes to the list.
?Add a big bag of fresh fruit to your shopping list so you can have some fresh fruits as snacks.


First thing you need to do is be organised and have Clean bench space.

Mexican Spiced Beef

Dice up all your onions, courgettes/zucchini. Small dice capsicum tomatoes, garlic. KEEP ALL SEPARATE.

 (wash then chop) coriander stems set aside, then chop leaves.

Heat up a big frying pan that’s going to fit all the mince in or at least half and add oil, onions, garlic till cooked.

Once cooked set aside. Add mince beef and cook on high heat whilst stirring . Use a potato masher if you need to break up the lumps once all the meat is brown.

Turn to medium if you think you are burning the meat!

 When the meat is brown add everything to a big pot- add garlic, onions, zucchini/courgette, chopped coriander stems, 1/2 cup ground coriander , 1/2 cup cumin, 1/2 cup oregano and salt pepper and chilli to your taste.

Stir through and leave on simmer with a lid on for around half an hour stirring so all zucchini is cooked.

Taste to see if you want any more salt pepper or chilli and take off the heat.

If you are boiling fresh veggies now is your time to put them into boiling water for 10 min max and then drain under a cold running tap.

SALSA-Mix your diced tomatoes , chopped coriander, diced red onion ,saLt pepper and juice of 1 lime with 3 tbs olive oil in a bowl. Add sweet chilli and corn optional.

•divide the meat mixture between containers with veggies and sprinkle with salsa or keep separate if preferred.  I like to always sprinkle some nuts on top of my meals before serving.


•Grease an oven proof dish with oil and turn oven to gas mark 6/180.

•Mix 12 eggs, salt, pepper, 1 cup of milk, 2 cups of peas, crumble in the Fetta and diced bacon in a bowl with a whisk.

•Pour into oven dish and place in oven for 35-50 mins.

Once it’s solid and you can pierce it with a fork without it being runny it’s cooked.

•put to the side to cool down and turn oven off.

When cool portion out.

Yogurt-•divide the yogurt into containers and sprinkle with fruit of your choice- I love blueberries- a drizzle of honey and some nuts of your choice.

Low carb peanut butter protein balls

1 .Add peanut butter to a bowl, 1tbs vanilla, crushed nuts and OPTIONAL HOWEVER MUCH PROTEIN POWDER you like and mix until thoroughly combined.

•Put in the freezer for 20 mins to firm up a bit and then take out and roll into balls of your desired size. Roll in crushed nuts or LSA mix OR be naughty and add choccy chips!

(you could add Cinnamon, cocoa powder,  coconut, seeds,chocolate, raisins)

*keep in fridge for 10 days or in freezer up to 3 months as a chewy cold snack.

Put enough meals in the fridge for 4 days. And put the rest in freezer. Do not put yogurt in freezer.

Clean up.

Relax for the week knowing all your breakfast, lunch and snacks are covered!


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