Are you a busy Mum that has no time to cook for your family?

busy mum's fully prepped kitchen. Over 50 meals ready to go for the week.

Every day I make a lot of busy Mum’s wildest dreams come true!

I go into busy mum’s homes whilst they are out at work and cook up a week’s worth of lunches, snacks and desserts!

I find out their likes, dislikes, allergies and requirements and write a menu based on their needs.

Yesterday’s client was a busy family of five and a pet dog!

It was raining terribly when I went to the markets at 7am to pick up all the local fresh vegetables and meat for this weeks menu! I cannot imagine how hard that would be to be out shopping in Brisbane’s wet weather with 3 kids in tow and over 10kg worth of shopping!
I buy whatever fresh produce is in season at my local vegetable supplier and local butchers. This weeks shopping bill came in at just over $160 which is pretty amazing considering the family gets around 60 plus meals from the shop!

After collecting all the shopping I drove to my client’s lovely family home where I let myself in with a key she leaves me and then work my magic in her kitchen. It does not matter how big or small your kitchen is as I am very flexible and adaptable to any situation.

This weeks menu for Dad who likes all his food spicy was Red Thai Curry, Green Thai curry and cauliflower rice with lots of extra fresh thai chilli!

Mum wanted creamy chicken and bacon zucchini zoodle chicken boscola, some keto style brownies and a big pot English beef stew on the slow cooker for when she returned home.
The kids enjoy scrolls, sausage rolls and frittata for lunches and like pastas, stews and roast beef and vegetables for dinner.
I put all the vegetables and browned off beef into the slow cooker with some beff stock and turned it on as soon as I got there. The smell that filled the house was amazing.
Mr.Dog loves to come in to the kitchen every now and then to act as a vacuum and lick up the odd bits and bobs that fall off the chopping board! I used to cook for a blind client that had a seeing eye dog that used to love eating raw carrots when I cooked for her!
Once I have cooked all the meals I put them all into recyclable portioned containers and fill the fridge to the brim.
Mum will organise what needs to be frozen when she comes home.
Fresh meals last for around 3-4 days and the rest can be frozen up to 3 months. This family love camping so they take their food away with them to reheat whilst they are away.
Mum always sends a text saying how the kids are enjoying the meals and loves coming home to a fridge full of healthy food for the week!
If you are not luck enough to have your own personal chef come into your home visit
  where you will find lots of easy, fast and tasty recipes!

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